QMS Medicosmetics
QMS Medicosmetics Product Range

We are delighted to be one of the few select QMS Medicosmetics Skincare centres in Johannesburg, Illovo. We offer a skincare experience designed to deliver superior results to the appearance + wellbeing of your skin.


Pioneering A New Generation Of Skincare

Our focus is on placing the valuable protein, collagen back into your skin which is vital in maintaining a youthful appearance; as we age its production slows down and this leads to skin aging. Addressing the loss of collagen helps to reverse these signs.

YouBar & QMS Is Where You Come To When You’re Looking For REAL Results

Our QMS Facial treatments include deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, algae masking, collagen serums, an additional skin specific mask as well as a neck & décolleté massage finished off with a moisturizing & eye care regime.

We Guarantee a Glowing Skin After one of these Treatments!

QMS Collagen Rejuvenation

An amazing anti-ageing treatment featuring a unique system of natural soluble collagens combined with pioneering exfoliation technology. An intense treatment designed to restore, rejuvenate + revitalize your skin | 60min.

QMS Luxury Neo Tissue Dermie

This unique + luxurious treatment is perfect for mature skins. It targets firming + toning whilst stimulating circulation + regenerative processes in the skin. This pampering treatment extends all the way to the delicate neck, décolleté + breast area. A real spoil! | 90min.